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SynApps Is Starting To Help IDCR Architects

education-548105_1920September 10th, 2016 – According to SynApps Solutions’ Gary Britnell, the Integrated Digital Care Record (ICDR) is opening up a practical pathway to the common goal of an easy way for health and social care stakeholders to share information.

How come? It’s because information is the pillar of the IDCR – it’s what will keep the structure up – but the foundation that will make IDCR happen is data interchange. Trusts and sector providers are going to need a safe, reliable and functional way of moving data around. That foundation is also going to have to be data-format agnostic.

NHS England is well aware of the need for a way to work with heterogeneous data formats, Gary explains, which is why it’s so actively promoting MESH (Messaging Exchange for Social Care and Health), the successor to DTS (Data Transfer Service). MESH will have a big part to play in any IDCR project, Gary says, but it will need to have the right elements to work with in order to move information around. This is where SynApps and its work on practical ways to get to IDCR can help, he points out.

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