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QE Facilities

Clinical (Software and Hardware) Solutions in all areas of healthcare

QE Procurement is a division of QE Facilities, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. QE Facilities employs highly experienced people with multiple professional qualifications in IT and Procurement. The team has built a track record supporting NHS organisations in procuring complex IT solutions which support the effective and efficient delivery of patient care.

QE Procurement has launched its second nationally available framework for the provision of Clinical IT solutions (2021/s 001-002154). This framework is a replacement for the Clinical IT agreement that expires in April 2021 (2016/s 156-283835). The commencement date for the new framework is 4th January 2021 and will run for 4 years. SynApps Solutions is an awarded supplier (click on Supplier Matrix to see Supplier listings) and more details can be found here.

The categories that SynApps Solutions are including in are as follows:

  1. Clinical Document Management – Content Management solutions
  2. Clinical Document Management – Digital Forms
  3. Clinical Document Management – Document Scanning Solutions
  4. Clinical Document Management – Vendor Neutral Archive
  5. Complimentary Software – Computer Aided Detection / Artificial Intelligence
  6. Departmental Information System – Radiology
  7. Image Management – Radiology
  8. Patient Portal Software