Radiology Information Systems

NHS waiting lists aren’t getting any shorter and accelerating diagnoses is a high priority – whether to avoid the worsening of joint wear and tear, or to prevent cancers being missed in the early stages when more can be done.

SynApps’ integrated Radiology Information System (RIS) from Aptvision provides multi-tenant, crosslocation, centralised scheduling and vetting of medical imaging appointments, analysis and follow-up via a simple web-based browser. It allows patients to be part of the booking process, and it enables members of different teams across diverse locations to collaborate on cases in a streamlined way, making optimum use of available resources.

Download our Radiology datasheet for more information here.

Watch our video and find out how we are joining with Aptvision to put patients at the heart of care with a modern, cloud-ready radiology information system to allow referring clinicians, patients and hospitals to collaborate and coordinate patient appointments.