Compliant, efficient pension administration & query handling via Alfresco

Project Success

The firm now uses Alfresco as a content and case management tool to process member enquiries and set up new pensioners within its systems. The new solution serves over 1,000 users, across a range of different teams in the company. Requests might come in via email, paper post, phone call or the company’s website. When an enquiry is received, a process is launched within Alfresco to manage the enquiry. SynApps’ purpose-built ConXFlow integration capability delivers a seamless case management experience on top of the Alfresco platform, without the need for a dedicated separate system. As well as capturing and efficiently routing queries to the right team, the new case management workflow refers to a checklist to ensure that all criteria have been met. It also fully supports reporting on the performance and auditability of all customer request/case management processes, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Migrating to a new APS platform for enhanced performance


SynApps was engaged to manage the migration of their existing Alfresco Workdesk system to a full APS implementation, including the development of a custom APS user interface implemented in Angular. As part of the migration, the APS processes have been integrated with several other XPS systems including the central member database, Penscope pensions administration system, payment system, time recording system and reporting system.

SynApps also worked closely with in-house business analysts to design the look and feel of the new user interface. The SynApps Solution Architect translated the platform requirements into an infrastructure design that would be scalable and avoid any of the legacy performance issues that the company had been experiencing.

Project Success

SynApps Solutions immediately took support responsibility for XPS’ aging Alfresco Workdesk solution and was successful in resolving some fundamental performance problems that the customer had been experiencing. This allowed the business to work without interruption while the new system was implemented. Derivatives of the user interface constructed by SynApps has since been deployed at two other customers and is used by Alfresco in their sales presentations.

In addition to the migration project, SynApps has been contracted to operate the Alfresco platform as a managed service within the customer’s data centre. All Alfresco-related support calls are managed by the SynApps support team.