SynApps in Healthcare

SynApps has deep, long-standing experience of delivering transformation in healthcare. We’re helping NHS trusts and other healthcare providers across the UK address some of the most pressing challenges they face today, in as efficient and impactful a way possible. Challenges such as more seamlessly coordinated services across regions, and improved patient experiences – enabled by open records access. Underpinning all of this are secure, scalable, cloud-first, standards-based platforms that are location independent.

Whether we’re helping trusts to digitalise patient records, medical imaging, pre-emptive cancer screening, or appointments scheduling, it is always with a view to trust-wide benefits and more convenient and patient-centric experiences.

Regionalisation of healthcare

In the aftermath of the pandemic, almost all health services are overstretched and under-resourced, struggling to meet high and increasing levels of demand. To manage these pressures and meet Government targets and patient expectations, trusts need to operate in smarter ways – sharing resources and records with neighbouring trusts, rather than replicating the same care in silos.

To coordinate services on a regional basis, GPs and hospital staff in any department – in any location – need to be able to access and share information and records readily, with appropriate permissions. It must be possible to access each other’s scheduling systems too, even if administrators are working from home.

SynApps supports all of these scenarios via open, cloud-ready, browser-accessible integrated digital care records (IDCR), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), radiology information systems (RIS), vendor-neutral archive (VNA), smart lung screening, and scheduling solutions.

Patient centricity/patient engagement

All healthcare providers are striving to improve service access and make care experiences more convenient and timely for patients – by speeding up the referrals process, and empowering patients with greater choice and easier access to information, so they feel more involved in their own care pathway. More engaged patients are likely to take a more proactive role in their own care, making and attending appointments earlier, reducing missed consultations, worsening conditions or late-stage diagnoses.

The more that trusts can share resources and coordinate care effectively, the more choice they can offer to patients around where and when they attend appointments. Opening up booking/rescheduling options to patients via online portals, meanwhile, can significantly reduce inbound call volumes and appointment ‘no shows’.

Our quick-to-deploy Aptvision Patient and Referral Portal and eReferrals Gateway solutions are ideally placed to support these scenarios.

Enterprise-wide thinking

As trusts aim to provide services more holistically, in a way that better meets the needs of patients and makes more effective use of resources, it follows that records management and information access should extend beyond departmental or geographical divides. This is important not just to support the timely delivery of the highest standards of individual patient care, but also to support national reporting, for example to inform or draw national trend data from screening programmes.

To move away from departmental silos, trusts first need to be capturing and managing data in a standard format so it can be shared over open platforms which transcend clinical specialities or individual trusts. SynApps specialises in overcoming these traditional restrictions for trusts across the UK.

Cloud-first capabilities

Today most healthcare providers are staking their future on cloud-based technology systems. As well as freeing them from the high costs and administrative burden of buying, scaling and managing their own in-house systems, it allows them to take advantage of the latest functionality and to support secure, compliant information and records access from anywhere.

SynApps specialises in deploying cloud-first or cloud-ready platforms and solutions which harness open technology standards, open data formats, easy scalability and the highest levels of security, to support trusts’ ambitions – from the modest and practical, to the bold and pioneering.

Our Solutions in Healthcare

Lung Diagnostics

Lung cancer screening: Veolity™ is the reading platform for high-throughput lung CT environments. Built upon years of clinical and technical experience from large screening trials, it provides important innovations to improve the reading workflow and diagnostic quality.
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Radiology Information Systems

Centralised scheduling & vetting, coordinating multiple teams & locations
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Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA)

Boost digital transformation potential with a Vendor Neutral Archive built on ECM
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Vendor Neutral Imaging Network (VNIN)

Designed to overcome the limitations of traditional Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)
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Integrated Digital Care Record

An open digital care records platform for easy integration across the community
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Medical Records

An end to end approach to digitising a Trust’s medical records
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