Integrated digital care record solution for easy, secure access across the NHS and wider communities

Securely manage and share care records

To fulfil the vision for a more joined-up health and social care system, Trusts and the wider care ecosystem need a common solution for securely managing shared care records (SCR). It is in this context that the concept of the Integrated Digital Care Record Solution (IDCR) has emerged. But for this vision to be realised, all potential stakeholders will need access to be able to connect into a common content platform.

A good roadmap towards this goal starts with an open, standards-based content repository that can be easily integrated with any information source and IT application. A repository that can be used to file and access all types of data, from medical images to patient notes, email correspondence, audio and video files, and more structured data such as logs of care visits. All of which can be securely accessed through a single portal, by GPs as well as acute hospitals and social care teams, in future.

Integrated Digital Care Record Solution

SynApps: our contribution to IDCR

SynApps has a proven track record of working with multiple data formats for just such NHS systems, and on a wide range of Open Source projects and with innovative technology partners.

With our unwavering commitment to open interoperability standards, our approach delivers IDCR success over more restricted alternatives.

Download our Integrated Digital Care Record Solution (IDCR) datasheet for more information here

Come and talk to us about how an open, standards-based approach, backed by some of the best clinical content management technology on the market, can make a digital and integrated 2020 a real and achievable target for you, your patients and your partners.