We’ve Improved ConXPhoto And It’s Now ConXMedia

111215ConXPhoto is a great system we developed in partnership with NHS customers.

It helps hospitals better manage their growing mountain of internally-captured medical pictures – items like photos of wounds, bedsores or patient conditions and so on. These all get photographed by nurses and technicians and are of great use, but they end up poorly filed, stored and managed, and we wanted to offer Trusts a better way of automating and controlling that process.

Today we’re going to tell you about the next chapter in ConXPhoto’s evolution. It’s being extended and upgraded to become ConXMedia instead. You may not be too surprised to learn why; as hospitals used to the system, they started asking why they couldn’t use it to manage other media, like videos and other imagery.

And we see great potential in doing just that – of offering an easy and reliable way for hospital administrators and clinicians alike of having a control panel to work with all the multiple forms of images, they want to.

Underneath the hood here is our full-power Content Management System, which is allied to the standards we know help NHS information mangers the most – VNA (vendor neutral archive) and cross document sharing (XDS). The combination of a CMS, a VNA and XDS capability when it comes to patient imagery is a very powerful one.

As an example, we can easily ingest vast amounts of images, in bulk, across the department. We can store them properly and share them safely and appropriately via XDS. All your access and confidentiality/compliance issues get dealt with in one go, basically.

This is all delivered in the form of a highly cost-effective IT system that reduces your admin and ups the efficiency of your team. I am also delighted to say that a major partner is making the move from ‘Photo’ to ‘Media’ – the team at our long-term customer Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Look for more details and specifics about ConXMedia on the site soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the extended product, please feel free to contact me or your SynApps Solutions sales contact, and we’d be delighted to help answer your questions.

Jason Scholes
SynApps Solutions

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