Welcome To ‘Connected Content’: Glue To Help You Work Better

If you spend any time with us at SynApps, before very long we’re going to start talking about a trend we believe is highly important, ‘connected content.’ So I will spend a minute or two trying to articulate just what that is – and why we are so passionate about it.

There’s lots of words around ‘connection’ in the industry, and if you think of the name SynApps – as in, that wonderful chip in the brain we have millions of, your synapse – we are talking about connections, about connecting brain cells. 

Beyond that, we find that for every single project we get involved in we have to implement some form of integration between the content management system and several line-of-business applications.  These could be SAP Accounts Payable, some form of HR or other point systems such as a claims management system or an insurance package. 

Because we integrate so often, we ended up ‘productising’ the process so as to make that back end business platform linkage happen as quickly as possible; hence our range of connection products, the ConXApps family. What they do is content-enable the major line-of-business applications, e.g. SAP, Oracle eBusiness, plus the leading desktop productivity tools such as the Microsoft Office suite with leading Enterprise Content Management solutions, including Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint and EMC’s Documentum.

Why this is useful is because instead of a three month project, we can integrate your corporate EDRM with an accounts payable system in a very short space of time by extracting the connection from the core business application to the central document and records repository – so that instead of having to do it differently every time, we do it in a common way.

Connecting up your content like this will not only save you lots of time and resource, it will make you more efficient.

That’s why we’re so excited about it.