Countess of Chester – F085 – Legacy Information Integration and Management Framework

This framework seeks to introduce a new Framework Agreement which will allow eligible NHS bodies to procure legacy information integration and management solutions. The framework allows for the procurement of a cloud-based or on-site archive which interfaces directly with a live EPR, so clinicians can access archived clinical patient data seamlessly from within the live EPR. The data is extracted, analysed and migrated to the new system, ensuring the data is usable in the new system. Data can be extracted from multiple systems and aggregated into one archive, simplifying access where multiple systems may have been in place previously. The archive and the live EPR will interface directly, and access to the archived data is available within the new EPR system, streamlining access and allowing the legacy contracts to be ended.

SynApps Solutions have recently been awarded onto the National Framework Agreement for the Provision of Legacy Information Integration and Management by Commercial Procurement Services at The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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