SynApps in Insurance

SynApps has decades of experience in helping insurance companies transform their internal processes and service delivery to customers, through smarter data and content management.

From seamless support for remote working, to the automation of policy administration and claims management, today we are helping insurance organisations across the UK compete more effectively by delivering more for less, and driving up satisfaction levels for both customers and employees.

This is helping insurance providers compete more effectively, grow profitability, and retain talent by reducing stress the pressure on agents’ time and skills so that they can add new value.

Transformation at speed: targeted wins

The insurance industry has never been more competitive, or under greater pressure to improve customer service levels and maintain profitability amid a rise in complex claims.

Rather than propose an expensive, drawn-out enterprise platform project, we target a company’s primary pain points (such as claims management), delivering rapid and visible results that can be replicated readily across the business. This ‘land & expand’ approach is advocated by leading analysts.

Think of how quickly organisations switched to Teams to stay connected and collaborate at the peak of the pandemic. That’s the scale and speed of transformation we propose, targeting key processes.

Retaining talent by reducing agent stress: intuitive solutions that relieve pressure

Key to smoother, more seamless and immediate process handling is the ability to access the latest information all in one place, at the point of need. Our highly intuitive user experience:

  • Directs requests to the right team;
  • Brings together all of the relevant intelligence and supporting documentation so that users don’t have to switch between screens or applications to pull together the big picture;
  • Stores everything in a secure and compliant way; and
  • Provides automatic tracking and case updates so that no one has to chase up the next steps.
High user adoption: easy access to the latest functionality in one place

By harnessing highly intuitive best-of-breed tools to target the tasks with the greatest need for transformation, we minimise complexity and the need for change management.

For prompt, effective results, we’ll bring together and apply the best tools for the job, including:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) tools to capture and index information held in existing or incoming documents;
  • Natural language processing (NLP) for intuitive search across all content;
  • Business process management (BPM) to orchestrate the different tasks; and
  • Enterprise content management (ECM) to store content in a secure and compliant way.

Our own highly intuitive user interface manages all of these automated tasks and optimises the agent or customer experience. We’ve developed this with direct feedback from the insurance companies we work with. The result is high user adoption without special training.

Our Solutions for Insurance

Centralised policy & claims management with automated processes & alerts

Our intelligent, workflow-driven policy and claims management solutions transform the handling of customer policies and the logging, processing and tracking customer claims – and, where appropriate, making it easy for customers to manage this themselves, online or via a mobile app.

Harnessing the latest, smartest tools, our solutions recognise and process all forms of content – including dashcam/video evidence to support motor or house insurance claims. With full, intelligent indexing, we make it easy to retrieve related information and supporting documentation quickly yet securely – all from within a single user interface or customer portal, wherever users happen to be.

SynApps specialises in deploying cloud-first or cloud-ready platforms and solutions which harness open technology standards, open data formats, easy scalability and the highest levels of security.

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Contract Management

Fast, consistent contract creation & automated workflow driven management – Smart, Standardised contracts with automated templated creation and workflow driven alerts

Contracts are a fact of everyday financial activity – from sealing new business to agreeing service levels with clients and partners. Yet so often these are managed on an ad-hoc basis, which differs between functions or departments. This is not only slow and inefficient, it also undermines corporate branding if the make-up and quality of contracts isn’t consistent across the organisation.

Contract management solutions from SynApps address all of this while eliminating the risks associated with poor contract coordination. These might include the wrong terms and conditions or currencies being included, expiry dates being overlooked as a contract matures, or a missed business opportunity because the legal detail took too long.

Based on robust content management technology and intelligent workflow, SynApps contract management solutions enforce structure to the whole process of managing contracts, enabling smart content re-use of standardised clauses to maximise speed, efficiency and consistency. They provide a single window to all activity too, as well as timely prompts to ensure to keep everything moving towards rapid completion.

Our software also supports digital signatures and can be easily integrated with other business systems, making it easy for teams to view contract information from within other applications.

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