A unified platform for gathering source financial data from existing disparate systems and orchestrating it into validated, approved XBRL reports across a wide range of taxonomies.

This is achieved through a unique blend of familiar authoring tools for the financial user (such as MS Excel) and a powerful and configurable review, approval and validation workflow engine which transforms the report components into the final XBRL, ready for submission.

At all times a full audit trail is maintained, ensuring that you can trace the data flow from the original source system to the final report. All of the reports and data components are persisted so that as regulations and taxonomies change, data can be rapidly reprocessed in line with the new requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Integration with multiple sources of data so that prudential reporting via XBRL complements your existing systems rather than replacing them
  • Easy addition of new organisational groups, geographies and business units through configurable workflow
  • Front-end authoring of report components through familiar interfaces such as MS Excel
  • Review, approval, validation and assembly of report components through configurable processes and taxonomies
  • Automated validation and transformation to XBRL ready for submission
  • Easy application of changes between reporting periods; both changes to the source-side data mapping and changes to the reporting taxonomy
  • Full auditing of all changes from source data to final report submission
  • Report components are persisted so that they can be retrieved and re-used in line with changing regulations

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