Turn your ECM audit trail into the true business tool it needs to be ConXAudit addresses a big issue that many ECM users have struggled with for some time, but never had a way of dealing with: audit trail build-up.

Enterprise ECM suites come with a built in audit trail feature – a facility for capturing who has done what to which content on the system at any one time.

Which is useful for both quality control and compliance. But the trail builds as more use is made of the system – and before long you can have an invisible database of millions of rows.

A database that large presents you with two problems. First, it’s inherently difficult to navigate and intelligently interrogate – which takes away the point of having an audit trail in the first place. And secondly, it acts as a major brake on the overall performance of the ECM itself.

ConXAudit deals with both problems simultaneously by transforming that endlessly-growing audit trail into a highly indexed form that’s much easier to work with, while ending the audit database’s drag on the ECM’s overall daily performance.

ConXAudit also goes one better – by making that audit trail play the role it was meant to perform: making it into a useful source of management information.

It does that by opening up the audit trail data for reporting and KPI purposes via a highly graphical, easy-to-use interface that offers a portal to the underlying data trends.

And as all this is accessible to you and your team in a highly intuitive way, you now have mouse-click driven ways of checking all your audit knowledge base via a range of powerful statistical analysis and graphing tools.

ConXAudit Use Case

We are helping one ECM customer, a major transport facility, work though the issues their huge audit database is giving them. This firm needs to upgrade to the latest version of its chosen ECM, but was worried the audit data build-up would complicate this process or not allow it to keep all of the data it really needed, a potential compliance headache. The great news is that that issue has gone away, as what was a multi-million row database that was hard to query has become a true management and performance dashboard thanks to ConXAudit.

Another benefit: the team reports the amount of time needed to work with audit data has dropped quite dramatically, since it moved all the ECM suite’s audit data into ConXAudit. That’s because of the wide range of data presentation formats that the app offers, from pie charts and other ways of packaging up important usage and security information they would have struggled to get prior to installing the SynApps software.

Plus, the customer also now intends one large display in the support office with a rolling dashboard view displaying system usage as a way of internally promoting the value of the ECM platform.

Get in touch with the team and find out more about the ConXAudit and how it can help you.

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