SynApps Wins Extensive And Positive Coverage Around Work Helping Hospital Trusts Realise EPR Ambitions Via VNA

SynApps Solutions and its key technology partner Alfresco have just launched a unique new Open Source VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) medical data system for the UK health market, based on Alfresco’s technology.

The system was the subject of extensive reporting by UK tech and HIT (health IT) titles, such as The Enquirer, Digital Health News (formerly E-Health Insider) and 24n.Biz.
According to Digital Health News (formerly E-Health Insider), in a widely-viewed news piece which generated 18 comments, Peter Coates, NHS England’s Open Source programme manager, was quoted as follows: “‘I think this is a key piece of the jigsaw puzzle of a whole open digital ecosystem that we’re all going to need to enable data portability and integration.’”

According to 24n.Biz, in an interview with pioneering user of the VNA approach, Rachel Dunscombe, CIO of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, “Open Source becomes all the more important when in the context of a VNA [as] archiving technology can become interoperable, allowing the incorporation of different types of data from all over a hospital.”