SynApps Solutions Achieves ISO27001 Certification

BSI-Assurance-Mark-ISO-27001-KEYB CLEAR BACKGROUNDLondon, 17 June 2014: Content management solutions leader SynApps Solutions has announced formal notification of achieving ISO27001 security governance certification.

This is a significant development for the UK tech firm, as it enables SynApps Solutions to offer IL3 accreditable products and services. IL3 is a UK Government standard designed to protect sensitive information which is typically mandated by key public sector clients to protect their information assets.

The landmark makes SynApps Solutions one of the few British small to medium sized technology firms fully able to offer this level of security on their data assets.

ISO27001 sets out how an organisation should approach its information security management project and specifies the essential components.

An international stamp of competence, achieving ISO27001 certification provides deepened credibility for SynApps Solutions in terms of keeping information secure.

“I am absolutely delighted that we have now received formal notification of our ISO27001 certification,” says Jim Whitelaw, Managing Director of SynApps Solutions.

“This is a very important development for the company, as it enables us to go after the IL3 public sector support market – where we are now one of a handful of UK technology SMEs with such relevant certification.”