SynApps Launches New Tool, ConXAudit, To Combat ECM Suite Audit Trail Build-Up

System will turn your passive ECM audit trail into the true business tool it needs to be

Maidenhead, UK – February 10, 2015SynApps Solutions, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions leader, has launched ConXAudit, an indexing tool to transform endlessly-growing ECM audit trails into highly indexed forms that are much easier to work with.

ConXAudit addresses a big issue that many ECM users struggle with: audit trail build-up. Enterprise ECM suites have a built-in audit trail feature which is useful for quality control and compliance – but the trail builds as more use is made of the system, leading to a database of potentially millions of rows.

A database that large is inherently difficult to navigate and interrogate, removing the value of an audit trail, plus it acts as a major brake on the overall performance of the ECM itself.

SynApps’ ConXAudit deals with both problems but also makes the audit trail into a useful source of management information by opening up the data for reporting and KPI purposes via a highly graphical, easy-to-use interface and powerful statistical analysis and graphing tools.

“Customers tell us that by turning to ConXAudit they are finding a difficult to use feature of their ECMs, the audit database, is becoming a truly mission-critical, useful business tool,” commented Mark Winstone, Sales and Marketing Director at SynApps.

“One of the first customers of ConXAudit is a major transport entity which has turned an audit database with 65 million rows in it into a useful management dashboard after years of problems,” added Winstone.

About SynApps

SynApps is an independent services and solutions company specialising in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies. Founded in 2003 by former Documentum services professionals, SynApps provides consultancy, implementation and support services for EMC Documentum and Alfresco, and has authored a suite of content integration solutions, ConXApps, that allow businesses to quickly maximise their investment in ECM technologies.

Organisations across healthcare, government and commercial markets rely on SynApps solutions and services to capture and share knowledge more dynamically and efficiently.

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