SynApps Gains Coverage In Tier One Tech Title Computer Business Review


Head of our Healthcare Practice Gary Britnell was asked by this important UK IT sector publication to outline the best response by the UK health IT community to Secretary of Health Jeremy Hunt’s recent apparent dismissal of the importance of NHS paperless targets.

From 2013 on, the Health Secretary and his Department stressed the imperative to get the NHS fully paperless by 2018. But earlier this month, what many in the sector took to be a dismissal of the whole campaign by the Secretary came to light, who told the NHS Sustainability cross-party committee of MPs he was “quite relieved most people seem to have forgotten” the whole idea.

For Gary, NHS IT leaders should instead look at the great progress to paperless made so far, and indeed mull over the idea that 2018 might well remain a realistic target for some ambitious Trusts when it comes to going digital. He also discusses how getting to the NHS we need is not going to be easy, but practical techniques like the integrated digital care record (IDCR) are emerging as a great way to get there.

The good news is that once we have this in place, says SynApps, we will be able to do great things in the NHS, such as route information without any need for re-keying or asking the patient the same questions, allow collation of data for better analysis of the bigger trends, programmatic search, and so on – as well as head off patient data loss that can put lives at risk.

Read Gary’s ideas in full here