Getting Your Stress Testing Right

29 March, 2016 – According to SynApps Solutions’ joint chief exec James Paton, users can avoid a lot of problems with moving to the cloud by not viewing an ECM solution like a website.

Specifically, James discusses how, with website-driven logic, you assume you’re going to have 10,000 users hitting the website at the same time –  when that’s actually not your best metric to help when building a new enterprise content management system.

While there may be some busy periods for which you have to account, what you actually need to measure the system on is concurrent users, he explains – and that when you come to load testing your ECM solution, treating it the way users access a web page generally results in bringing it to its knees.

This is useful advice that may help you avoid wasting a lot of hassle! To read the full article, go here.