An end to end view of the patient record from creation to archive

Making digitised medical records work harder for your clinicians through intelligent indexing and access – medical records scanning

SynApps’ end-to-end solutions not only digitise existing medical records by medical records scanning but also transform their accessibility and usability. That’s because scanned images of paper records are flowed into an enterprise content management (ECM) system, or a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) based on an ECM platform. This enables medical records to be managed more flexibly, added to, and stored intelligently to enable rapid retrieval at the point of needs and because this uses an open and standards-based approach, it means it can connect easily with and be viewed through everyday hospital applications eg electronic patient record (EPR) systems.

Medical Records Scanning

In this way, Trusts can be sure of delivering the productivity and patient care benefits that are expected from digital initiatives. That includes paving the way for more integrated care.

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