Make Digital Policing a Reality with SynApps’ Help

SynApps is helping Forces solve real problems with content management technology

Digital evidence is becoming increasingly central to modern law enforcement. As we move into an era of ever greater reliance on CCTV sequences, body-worn cameras, use of evidence gathered by smartphone or digital camera imagery, Britain’s Police are being expected to manage, store, search, properly label and timestamp such evidence for their use as well as the CPS and ultimately by digital citizens.

There is a national context to this, with The Home Office highlighting the need for “a comprehensive and joined up programme of digital transformation across policing”. What the government wants is the most efficient way of delivering 21st-century justice.

However, if you have a system where you are trying to share files on DVD manually, a time consuming and costly process, moving to digital evidence is a challenge.

The good news is modern content management – designed to work with content of all types – can be a major aid to getting to workable digital evidence management, providing a proper chain of evidence, from fingerprints to sound and video recordings of interviews.

A new, integrated SynApps-developed digital interview solution is being evolved into a full evidence management system in collaboration with our technology partners.

Built on a proven market leading Enterprise Content Management platform and offering open standards-based support for multiple data formats, including open source, and available as on-premise or cloud, we can offer:

  • A secure ‘pick-up’ server for loosely coupled integration with existing and future capture devices
  • Digital fingerprinting to maintain evidential weight
  • An Open API for closer integration with existing capture devices
  • The ability to store and manage any digital evidence, regardless of format or size
  • Will ‘Evidence enable’ existing policing systems
  • Comprehensive CCTV codec support
  • Annotation and redaction support
  • Retention and Records Management
  • Secure content transfer portal with CPS or other agencies

As a result, your Force will be able to:

  • Reduce overall management costs of digital media
  • Enjoy greater portability, plus no fines due to lost media
  • Move to catpure device independence, plus the loose coupling of your capture devices removes lock-in and provides agility
  • Remove the need for specialist equipment to view, copy and present the digital evidence
  • Trim storage media transportation costs
  • Get significant cost savings at interview time
  • Have fewer defendants on bail and fewer cases lost/dismissed due to unavailability of media evidence
  • Significantly reduce time to providing digital material to the CPS
  • Proven mature technologies brought together – meaning you can leverage industry standard technology
  • Increase integrity of evidence, plus achieve a single view of the case
  • Maintain and preserve evidential weight
  • ‘Evidence enabling’ existing and future crime/case management systems
  • Secure external access, providing a secure access portal to other agencies

Digital Policing is better for all stakeholders in the Justice System.

We can help deliver that.

With our unwavering commitment to open interoperability standards, our approach to digital policing delivers content management and evidence management success over more restricted alternatives, so come and open a dialogue with us to see how we can help