Compliant HR Record Management

Organisations of all sizes face increasing challenges related to developing and managing human resources, not least how to efficiently manage employee records, recruitment application and approval processes, and the on-boarding process.

As part of this role, HR teams must collate and keep track of a significant volume of records, which must be held on file and used in support of a wide range of intricate approval processes. Because much of this data is highly personal and sensitive, it is subject to strict regulatory controls around security and privacy, adding to the complexity of storing and managing it.

It is not uncommon for organisations to resort to inefficient and manual methods for handling employee information, spanning paper, email and network folders. This can render content vulnerable to loss or misuse. Even organisations with a dedicated human resource management or information system (HRMS/HRIS) experience gaps in functionality or severe limitations when it comes to effective records management.

To address any or all of these concerns, SynApps can supply and implement a range of best-of-breed solutions to help your HR function navigate the demands of the current digital age.