Fast, consistent contract creation & automated workflow driven management

Smart, Standardised contracts with automated templated creation and workflow driven alerts

Contracts are a fact of everyday financial activity – from sealing new business to agreeing service levels with clients and partners. Yet so often these are managed on an ad-hoc basis, which differs between functions or departments. This is not only slow and inefficient, it also undermines corporate branding if the make-up and quality of contracts isn’t consistent across the organisation.

Contract management solutions from SynApps address all of this while eliminating the risks associated with poor contract coordination. These might include the wrong terms and conditions or currencies being included, expiry dates being overlooked as a contract matures, or a missed business opportunity because the legal detail took too long.

Based on robust content management technology and intelligent workflow, SynApps contract management solutions enforce structure to the whole process of managing contracts, enabling smart content re-use of standardised clauses to maximise speed, efficiency and consistency. They provide a single window to all activity too, as well as timely prompts to ensure to keep everything moving towards rapid completion.

Our software also supports digital signatures and can be easily integrated with other business systems, making it easy for teams to view contract information from within other applications.

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