Digital Mailroom

The best business decisions depend on timely information. Yet many company mailrooms depend on manual processing. Invoice or payment information and time-sensitive documents can and do get lost.

Every mistake made by manual data entry costs your company valuable time and money.

Safer Workplaces

Creating safer workplaces with fewer people, or adapting to working from home, is also slowing down traditional mailroom processing.

The Solution? A Digital Mailroom

Digital mailroom solutions using machine learning technology help businesses automatically classify, separate, sort and extract data from paper, fax and electronic documents.

You need only one or two document samples to teach the system to distinguish between invoices, orders, payments, contracts and any other forms of mail.

And web-based digital mailroom solutions are ideal for large organisations with dispersed offices and employees.

Integrating Data across Business Processes

A centralised automated mail system provides greater visibility and data quality. Business critical information is available to business processes faster through integration with ERP, ECM, Content Services, RPA and other line of business systems.

A digital mailroom boosts productivity, efficiency and accuracy, while cutting costs.

SynApps specialises in delivering EPR-ECM system integration, especially across the NHS where we have decades of experience of solving content and data access problems for hospitals and community healthcare providers.

We can help you:

  • Make the EPR (or any other preferred system) the access point to complete patient histories
  • Deliver secure, concurrent access to complete patient information anywhere in the hospital, as well as local GPs
  • Provide faster access to archived patient information
  • Streamline your IT set-up, breaking down information silos rather than creating new ones.

Crucially, we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach. We are an independent consultancy and systems integrator. We assess every situation uniquely and bring the right combination of technologies and services to bear to transform patient information access in each case.

Here at SynApps Solutions, we can hand-hold you through the whole process as advisors, consultants or integrators. We have decades of experience of solving document and content challenges and we’re independent, so you can trust us to help you get it right.

To find out more about how a digital mailroom can support your integrated business processes, book a 1:1 discussion with us today.

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