We’ve partnered with GeoLang to offer ‘sensitive data’ discovery-as-a-service

Organisations’ lack of insight into where sensitive data exists across their operations has broad implications. If intellectual property is dispersed across people’s laptops, desktops and different departmental servers, locking this down so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands becomes very difficult.

Poor visibility over where sensitive data resides across a company can also hamper moves to the cloud as part of digital transformation programmes.

Then there are the numerous regulatory drivers for organisations to have deeper insight into where sensitive data resides and how it is handled. These go far beyond GDPR, the initial driver for many companies to review their data estates.

Sensitive data – discovered as a service

It is for all of these reasons that we’ve partnered with an innovator in sensitive data discovery – a British SME called GeoLang, which provides a complete managed service for any organisation needing to trace and report on where this kind of data exists.

Run securely in the cloud, or on premise, and fully resourced with highly qualified engineers, the hosted service removes the burden from IT/compliance departments. It scans entire IT estates for instances of sensitive data across whole IT estates, and dynamically generates board-level reports.

For organisations that want to go further, GeoLang’s consultants can analyse the findings and suggest ways to bring data under more effective control, empowering clients to progress their bigger projects, such as digital transformation and cloud migration, fulfilling the CxO strategic agenda.

Download our SynApps GeoLang Datasheet to find out more or book a 1:1 demo with us today.