Centralised policy & claims management with automated processes and alerts

Deliver better decisions faster, increase customer satisfaction and reduce risk

Whether you’re trying to offer customers the best insurance deal, cross-sell them additional policies, or process a claim quickly and efficiently, it helps to be able to see everything all in one place. But that’s not always possible when each team is working from its own records. The situation becomes more complex still when companies merge, each with their own systems and ways of doing things. But bringing order to the chaos is essential if firms want to stay competitive – and to ensure they can meet strict regulatory requirements set out under MiFID II and GDPR.

This is where SynApps Solutions’ workflow-driven policy and claims management solutions come in – providing order, structure, speed and compliance to your everyday business processes. Our solution makes it easy to search and find relevant information, and view it all in one place – while enabling a full audit trail of document processing, and as you’d expect, secure management of your customers’ personal data.

Based on the latest content management technology, SynApps’ solution can recognise and process all forms of content – including dashcam/video evidence to support motor or house insurance claims. With full, intelligent indexing, our solution can link and store related content so it’s easy to retrieve quickly. It’s easy to integrate with other business systems too, so teams don’t need to switch between applications to find what they’re looking for.

And by centralising digital records and allowing secure access from multiple locations, our solutions support flexible working scenarios where agents may work from a number of locations, including their own homes.

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