SynApps and Alfresco Team up for new Contract Management Webinar

SynApps and Alfresco are jointly presenting a webinar on how to improve Contract Management processes using the Alfresco platform on December 15th at 11:00am GMT.

The webinar session will address the most common challenges that companies have to handle when doing business with customers, suppliers and even internal departments regarding contracts.

The very nature of managing contracts involves:

  • Collaboration between internal and external parties via email
  • Version control of contract changes including automated compare
  • Audited review and approval processes
  • Reuse of contract templates and clauses
  • Exchanging high volumes of content securely within and outside of the company
  • Tracking contract milestones and renewal dates, ensuring accuracy and currency of contracts

The demonstration will focus on the following benefits:

  • Creation of contracts from templates and reuse of information through simple searches
  • Improving quality and speed of approval with guided review processes and version control tracking
  • Improving speed of negotiation through external collaboration and mobile access
  • Ensuring compliance through formal auditing and a central repository for all contracts
  • Improving productivity through seamless integration with MS Outlook and MSOffice

Join Mark Winstone, Neil Bates and the Alfresco team on December 15th.  Register free here