Information In Transition: Smarter Working In The New Normal

Across the public sector, work is underway to support smart workforce collaboration, integrating records, systems and data into a single view and putting data and information processing at the heart of public service.

Earlier this year SynApps Solutions and GovNewsDirect commissioned the ‘Information in Transition’ survey to examine public sector information management processes. The survey responses shine a light on the technical and cultural factors affecting workers’ ability to access the information they need to provide public services.

A key aim of the Government’s Smarter Working initiative is to create a digital workplace that is mobile and accessible, enabling collaboration, document sharing and communication. The survey reveals some good progress towards that aim, but there is still work to do. It found that public sector workers are widely using unconnected, legacy information systems and some are even using paper-based systems in parts of their operations. The objective of flexible and remote working remains a stretch goal for many organisations.

The need to address these challenges has become even more pressing as the public sector transitions to delivering services in a new normal that will almost certainly feature an increase in smarter working. Key to this will be technology that allows easy access to critical information wherever employees happen to be working.

Read the report Information In Transition: Smarter Working In The New Normal to find out more.