The ConXApps suite of products, developed based on our years of experience implementing ECM projects, ensures that organisations derive maximum benefit from their ECM investments.

By connecting the chosen ECM platform to everyday business productivity tools, so that they are ‘content-enabled’, ConXApps ensures that the ECM environment doesn’t become another silo in the organisation.

All too often companies find that this kind of integration is not provided as a matter of course, leaving them facing expensive custom integrations with the myriad line-of-business applications that need to access the content repository.

SynApps’ unique ConXApps suite of products is designed to address this by content-enabling popular line-of-business applications such as SAP and Oracle eBusiness and desktop productivity tools – such as the Microsoft Office suite – with leading ECM solutions including Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, M-Files and OpenText Documentum.


Content enables Microsoft Outlook with any CMIS compliant ECM platform



Content enables Microsoft Office suite with any CMIS compliant ECM platform



Bulk content migration tool for any CMIS compliant ECM platform