SynApps’ Top Five Tips For Project Success

29 February 2016 – the head of professional services for ECM leader SynApps Solutions’ James Paton outlines five things he always insists on from his team when they go out to work with any customer.

Proper Project Analysis

Scoping is about confirming what your expectations are as our new customer. We need to probe and really find out what areas of risk there might be that you might not have thought about. We also need to give you options for possible amelioration of these issues, if we find any.

The Right Approach

We are flexible and multi-skilled and never apply one way of working to all our work, so for some things traditional waterfall is best, for others it’s Agile. Central to picking the method is working with you to understand what you’re comfortable with. Once we have defined our methodology, the next element is what the costs are of doing a particular project.

Putting It All In The Best Way

Then it comes to delivery, the biggest factor is having experienced people. We’ve got that – staff with many years’ experience in enterprise content management and ECM heavy-lifting. Plus, our resources are all UK-based, so we can respond to clients instantly.

A Real Partnership

We take a partner approach with our clients. If there is something problematic we need you to be aware of, we insist on telling you straight.

Avoiding The Curse Of The Creeps

Project creep? Horrible – and, perhaps contrary to expectations, it’s not good for your implementation partner if it drags on, because that means we can’t redeploy our people to another engagement. So we both need to define what the finish line is – and what delivery really means.

That’s it – following these five things will deliver the results any client of ours deserves in project success.

Read James’s full blog post for yourself here