Smart document capture: supporting the transition away from paper

Synapps Intelligent Document Capture solutions support the transition from paper-based document environments to electronic document management, for the purposes of compliance and greater efficiency in content handling. We can deliver fully integrated and streamlined scanning operations, enabling complete BS1 0008 compliance.

Our extensive experience of document capture spans leading solutions from Captiva, Kofax, Ephesoft and many others. We have worked with both private and public sector organisations on projects involving many hundreds of thousands of images, documents and sensitive records (such as patient health records). We can manage the entire process, from design of the proposed scanning solution for both on-site and off-site operations, to the delivery of the required solutions and operating procedures to support BS1 0008 compliance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to address all of an organisation’s paper-related document challenges with a complete solution offering, which includes ingestion services to external third-party document-scanning bureaux for bulk capture where required.