Engage with your community

Empowering the community with easier access to information, services and special interests – online, from any device, anytime with a Citizen Engagement Platform

Whether it’s letting individuals access their own records, or register with a GP and other
public services as someone new to the area, engaging with communities via a single digital
Citizen Engagement Platform is a great way to deliver a convenient and consistent
customer experience across all local services.

As well as being something customers can access and interact with at anytime from
anywhere, a digital customer engagement portal can bring communities closer together.
It also makes it easier for people to connect with and provide feedback about the services,
interests and opportunities that are relevant to them.

Best of all, having a single digital hub for local service access offers an easy and very cost-efficient way for local authorities to manage customer care – because it puts the individual
in control. GDPR data permissions compliance is built in. And because interactions happen
electronically, integrated with back-office systems, there’s no need to re-enter information
manually. If next actions are needed, workflow rules trigger these automatically – with timely
alerts to ensure SLAs are met.

Community Engagement Platform

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