How To Get Your Users To Buy You More Beer…

When we last spoke about PST files, we started talking about our great new range of tools, the ConXApps family. It’s now time for us to talk about how all this technology works with that very widespread collaboration standard, Microsoft’s SharePoint.

There is something of a stock phrase in the IT world at the moment that everyone has SharePoint – but not everyone knows what it is! The idea is that Microsoft, a fiendishly effective sales organisation, has been able to get a massive number of licences for this platform, but that not all its customers have done that much with it yet. There may be some truth to this, but SharePoint unquestionably provides an excellent collaboration capability. What’s more there will always be people who want to go down the SharePoint route, which is a great use for your corporate licence for it.

Our view however is that while SharePoint is a great route to try, there are limitations. Worth noting if you are a public sector customer, for one: SharePoint doesn’t do the Records Management very well. If you are in healthcare or social care, where Records are particularly important, you are not getting a solution (unlike with ConX, which works in tandem with market leading ECM platforms) that is able to identify and help you manipulate Records as you are working.

Think, for example, about when you want to declare some data as a Record. That’s typically a very arduous process in many public sector user’s environments, which is why people either don’t do it or it is a task left to people who’ve done it all their lives and that is all they understand.

If you have the ability for an end user not to worry about that, it is going to be very useful, I’d contend. That’s going to mean you can say to the team, Store your e-mail, interact with people, collaborate on that information and then when it reaches a particular part of its life cycle it will be automatically declared as a Record and that’s all taken care of in the background with the ConX approach.

They’re going to be queuing up to buy you beers for that, as it will take a huge amount of hassle out of their working day.

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