A single view of the complete patient record

A vendor neutral archive (VNA) is a technology that stores medical images, patient records and all other content in a standard format and interface, making them accessible to healthcare professionals


Restricting hospital archiving systems to a single application, or a certain type of content,
is at odds with initiatives to improve patient care and increase productivity via digital
innovation. And it could mean Trusts end up spending more than they need to – on different
systems for different uses.

SynApps’ Vendor Neutral Archive is much more flexible than that. That’s because it’s been
built on an open, standards-based enterprise content management platform, so it can be
used to securely store and organise all kinds of content – not just medical images. It can
be integrated with any number of different applications and data sources too, including
electronic patient records (EPRs).

As well as delivering greater value, clinicians benefit from a single point of access to patients’
complete records, improving productivity and enhancing patient care.

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