Medical Records

Digitise Your Medical Records With SynApps’ Help

A fully digitally-powered NHS – one that could harness modern IT to improve efficiency, protect budget by cutting inefficiency, and one that could support access to our medical journeys – is a key national priority.

SynApps Solutions can help you start your digital journey. That’s because we provide an end-to-end solution to digitise your Trust’s medical records, then incorporate the images into a market-leading Enterprise Content Management System for management and retrieval.

The scanning process will capture all text in the record, allowing clinicians to search on words in the document as well as the usual NHS number, speciality etc.

These electronic, safely stored records are viewed via your EPR from a link to our browser-based viewer (or via the viewer directly). The viewer provides a variety of user selectable views including a timeline, thumbnails, by speciality and by episode and it supports many data formats including voice, video and DICOM.

The digitisation model you select can be scan on demand, “frequent flyers”, last n years of notes, or the complete record archive, depending on your organisation’s business needs and priorities.

Even better, the content platform will offer the full range of retention and records management services, as well as business process management (workflow) orchestration and eForms to remove the creation of paper if your EPR is unable to.

Come and talk to us about how a paper-light approach backed by some of the best clinical content management technology on the market can make a digital NHS a reality for you, your patients and your partners.